YouJun Hu (胡友俊) [CV]
Associate research fellow, Plasma Physics
Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ph.D. 2009, University of Science and Technology of China

Tel: 86-551-65593246


Research interests

Computational plasma physics.

I am currently working on particle simulation of tokamak turbulence. In the past several years, I worked on energetic particles and MHD modes interaction in tokamak plasmas. I developed a toroidal MHD eigenvalue code calculating the frequency and mode structure of Alfven eigenmodes in general tokamak geometry. I also worked on the physics of noniductive current drive in tokamak plasmas. I studied the influence of electron-electron collision model on the rf current drive efficiency. I developed a Fokker-Planck code to simulate the lower-hybrid current drive physics using fully relativistic collision operator.

Some Visualizations

The following figures visualize magnetic field lines on tokamak magnetic surfaces with different values of safety factor q.

safety factor safety factor safety factor safety factor safety factor safety factor

Fig. Magnetic field lines on q=1/10 magnetic surface (upper left), q=1/2 magnetic surface (upper right), q=1 magnetic surface (middle left), q=2 magnetic surface (middle right), q=3 magnetic surface (lower left), and q=4 magnetic surface (lower right). Source codes for producing these figures: and torus.sketch.

orbit 3Dbanana_orbit.gif

Fig. Left: 3D view of guiding-center motion in tokamak; Right: 2D poloidal view

Research notes


  1. Fully Kinetic Simulation of Ion-Temperature-Gradient Instabilities in Tokamaks,
    Youjun Hu, Matthew T. Miecnikowski, Yang Chen and Scott E. Parker, Plasma 1, 10 (2018)
  2. Simulation of fast-ion-driven Alfven eigenmodes on EAST tokamak,
    Youjun Hu, Y. Todo,Youbin Pei, Guoqiang Li, Jinping Qian, et al., Phys. Plasmas 23, 022505 (2016)
  3. Numerical study of Alfven eigenmodes on EAST tokamak,
    Youjun Hu, Guoqiang Li, N. N. Gorelenkov, Huishan Cai, et al., Phys. Plasmas 21, 052510 (2014)
  4. Electron shielding current in neutral beam current drive in general tokamak equilibria and arbitrary collisionality regime,
    Youjun Hu, Yemin Hu, and Y.R. Lin-Liu, Phys. Plasmas 19, 034505 (2012)
  5. Relativistic collision operators for modeling noninductive current drive by waves,
    Youjun Hu, Yemin Hu, and Y.R. Lin-Liu, Phys. Plasmas 18, 022504 (2011).
  6. Drift kink instability in the current sheet with a kappa-distribution,
    Youjun Hu, Weihong Yang, Yinhua Chen, et al. Phys. Plasmas 15, 082114 (2008).
  7. Lower-Hybrid Drift Instability in Modified Harris Current Sheet,
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  8. Resonant absorption via mode conversion in magnetized inhomogeneous plasma,
    Hu Youjun, Yang Weihong, Chen Yinhua, Zhang Yu, Chinese Journal of Computational Physics (in Chinese) Vol. 24, No. 3, 330-336 (2007)

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