2019年11月7日 五室第123期研讨会

2019117 五室第123期研讨会  

  目:Development of full-f gyrokinetic code GKNET for the study of global transport and profile formation

报告人:Dr. Kenji Imadera(Kyoto University)


   间: 2019年11月7日(星期四)  14:30—15:00


2019年11月8日 五室第122期研讨会

2019118 五室第122期研讨会 

 目:JET operation and plans for DT campaign

报告人:Dr. GARCIA Jeronimo (CEA France)

主持人:于 治

 间: 2019年11月8日(星期五)  14:30—15:30

 点: 4楼中间会议室


DT operation is essential to produce efficient energy in magnetically confined plasmas. However, the present knowledge on DT plasmas and its operation is scarce as the more usual DD isotope mix is used in present day tokamaks. This is an issue for the design of future tokamaks such as DEMO or CFETR which mainly rely on DD plasmas experience.

JET will have a DT operation by the end of 2020 with the aim of closing the gap between DD and DT plasmas, minimizing risks for ITER DT operation and to allow better projections to future tokamak reactors. This second DT operation at JET, after the one carried out in 1997, will allow shedding light on some specific differences between DD and TT plasmas such as isotope effects, alpha particle physics, fast ion confinement, impurity production or plasma heating with the help of new diagnostics capabilities with respect to 1997. Towards this objective, previous modelling based on DD extrapolations, has shown that plasma scenarios with high input power and good confinement are expected to generate enough fusion power to observe such phenomena. However, this is a challenge as well from the operational view, as the presence of tritium and the high neutron generation completely changes the way the machine is operated.

Implications for ITER, DEMO and CFETR will be discussed. 


2019111 五室第121期研讨会 

  目:Simulations of NBI fast ion losses with RMPs in the EAST tokamak



时 间: 2019年11月1日(星期五)  10:00—11:00

 点: 4楼中间会议室


ITER的一个重要问题是要避免I型ELM引起的偏滤器靶板上极大的热脉冲。外部线圈产生的共振磁扰动(RMP)是缓解和抑制ELM的有效方法之一。然而,RMP会破坏快离子的约束从而增强快离子的损失。许多托卡马克装置都开展了RMP影响NBI快离子损失的实验和模拟研究。我们对原先的轨道追踪程序GYCAVA作了许多升级和测试,并将它与NBI程序TGCO和磁流体程序MARS-F集成在一起。我们模拟了EAST上存在n=1 RMP时同向切向NBI产生的高能离子的损失,分析了碰撞、等离子体对RMP的响应以及RMP线圈相位等效应对快离子损失和热负荷的影响。

2019年10月25日 五室第120期研讨会

20191025 五室第120期研讨会 




   间: 2019年10月25日(星期五)  15:00—16:00

   点: 4楼中间会议室



2019年10月17日 五室第119期研讨会

20191017 五室第119期研讨会

题 目: 简介集成工作流引擎的设计与实现



时  间:2019年10月17日(星期四)  15:00—16:00

地  点:4楼中间会议室

摘  要:


2019年10月11日 五室第118期研讨会

2019年10月11 五室第118期研讨会 

题 目:Numerical study of m/n=3/1 pressure driven mode in the presence of weak magnetic shear



   间: 2019年10月11日(星期五)  15:00—16:00

   点: 6楼中间会议室


An m/n=3/1 unstable mode can be driven by pressure in the presence of a reversed shear in a cylinder, in which the magnetic shear is small near rational surfaces since qmin = 2.99. The linear mode can be considered as an ideal mode since the resistivity has very little effects upon the mode structure and growth rate for eta <= 10^-7. In nonlinear stage, after long time evolution the mode behaves as a tearing type mode, with final quasi-stationary m/n=3/1 islands. The pressure profile also reaches a new 0/0 state, which is flattened in the vicinity of weak shear region.


2019年9月20日 五室第117期研讨会

2019920 五室第117期研讨会 

题  目:Radial electrical field evolution in ITG turbulence with source simulated by NLT code


   间: 2019年9月20日(星期五)  15:00—16:00

   点: 4楼中间会议室


Radial electric fields is important in regulating the plasma turbulence and confinement improvement. External heating or momentum injection contribute to radial electrical field. The contribution of source term to radial electrical field in ITG turbulence is studied by NLT code. It is found only pressure gradient term contribute significantly at linear phase, while toroidal flow term will also contribute a lot at nonlinear phase. The contribution of momentum source term needs more check.


2019年9月12日 五室第116期研讨会

2019912 五室第116期研讨会 

题  目: Numerical study on nonlinear growth of m/n=3/1 double tearing mode in high Lundquist number regime


   间: 2019年9月12日(星期四)  15:00—16:00

   点: 4楼中间会议室


   The nonlinear growth of the m/n=3/1 double tearing mode (DTM) is numerically investigated in cylinder geometry with non-monotonic radial profiles of the equilibrium safety factor, having two q=3 surfaces. The formation of plasmoids is found in high Lundquist number regime in such configurations for the first time. During the nonlinear growth of DTM, long and thin Sweet–Parker current sheets are formed near the original inner and outer rational surfaces and become tearing unstable for a large enough Lundquist number, leading to secondary and tertiary magnetic islands which accelerate the magnetic reconnection. The plasmoids also affect the magnetic topology at nonlinear mode saturation. The system can eventually saturate at a quasistationary state with small island pairs. The simulation results show that the Lundquist number and the distance between two rational surfaces have important effects on plasmoids formation


2019年7月31日 五室第115期研讨会

2019年7月31日 五室第115期研讨会  

题  目:Computing the Double-Gyroaverage Term Incorporating Short-Scale Perturbation and SteepEquilibrium Profile by the Interpolation Algorithm

报告人:张双喜 博士

   间: 2019年7月31日(星期三)  9:00—10:30

   点: 4楼中间会议室


2019年7月26日 五室第114期研讨会

题 目:The Geodesic Acoustic Eigenmode in toroidally rotating tokamaks 报告人: 周登 研究员
时 间: 2019年7月26日(星期五) 14:30—15:20
地 点: 4楼中间会议室