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2020年1月3日 五室第132期研讨会

202013 五室第132期研讨会

题目:First application of the self-consistently coupled full-wave/Fokker-Planck analysis for the modeling of the LHW experiment on EAST



   间: 2020年1月3日(星期五)  15:30—16:30



Lower hybrid wave is the most important auxiliary heating and current drive tool on EAST.  Both ray-tracing and full wave codes have been used to model the LHW physics for the EAST experiments. Recently the self-consistently coupled full-wave/Fokker-Planck analysis has been successfully carried out for this domain. The process of the iteration between the full wave code(TORLH) and the Fokker-Planck code(CQL3D) will be introduced. The results including the spectrums with poloidal broadening, the wave electric fields, the power density profiles and the electron distribution function will be presented..