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2019年11月8日 五室第122期研讨会

2019118 五室第122期研讨会 

 目:JET operation and plans for DT campaign

报告人:Dr. GARCIA Jeronimo (CEA France)

主持人:于 治

 间: 2019年11月8日(星期五)  14:30—15:30

 点: 4楼中间会议室


DT operation is essential to produce efficient energy in magnetically confined plasmas. However, the present knowledge on DT plasmas and its operation is scarce as the more usual DD isotope mix is used in present day tokamaks. This is an issue for the design of future tokamaks such as DEMO or CFETR which mainly rely on DD plasmas experience.

JET will have a DT operation by the end of 2020 with the aim of closing the gap between DD and DT plasmas, minimizing risks for ITER DT operation and to allow better projections to future tokamak reactors. This second DT operation at JET, after the one carried out in 1997, will allow shedding light on some specific differences between DD and TT plasmas such as isotope effects, alpha particle physics, fast ion confinement, impurity production or plasma heating with the help of new diagnostics capabilities with respect to 1997. Towards this objective, previous modelling based on DD extrapolations, has shown that plasma scenarios with high input power and good confinement are expected to generate enough fusion power to observe such phenomena. However, this is a challenge as well from the operational view, as the presence of tritium and the high neutron generation completely changes the way the machine is operated.

Implications for ITER, DEMO and CFETR will be discussed.