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2019年10月11日 五室第118期研讨会

2019年10月11 五室第118期研讨会 

题 目:Numerical study of m/n=3/1 pressure driven mode in the presence of weak magnetic shear



   间: 2019年10月11日(星期五)  15:00—16:00

   点: 6楼中间会议室


An m/n=3/1 unstable mode can be driven by pressure in the presence of a reversed shear in a cylinder, in which the magnetic shear is small near rational surfaces since qmin = 2.99. The linear mode can be considered as an ideal mode since the resistivity has very little effects upon the mode structure and growth rate for eta <= 10^-7. In nonlinear stage, after long time evolution the mode behaves as a tearing type mode, with final quasi-stationary m/n=3/1 islands. The pressure profile also reaches a new 0/0 state, which is flattened in the vicinity of weak shear region.


2019年9月20日 五室第117期研讨会

2019920 五室第117期研讨会 

题  目:Radial electrical field evolution in ITG turbulence with source simulated by NLT code


   间: 2019年9月20日(星期五)  15:00—16:00

   点: 4楼中间会议室


Radial electric fields is important in regulating the plasma turbulence and confinement improvement. External heating or momentum injection contribute to radial electrical field. The contribution of source term to radial electrical field in ITG turbulence is studied by NLT code. It is found only pressure gradient term contribute significantly at linear phase, while toroidal flow term will also contribute a lot at nonlinear phase. The contribution of momentum source term needs more check.