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五室第五十三期研讨会 邀请报告

2015年4月1日 五室第五十三期研讨会  邀请报告

题  目: From GYRO to CGYRO: new methods for collisions in gyro kinetics  下载

报告人: Dr. Jeff Candy(GA)


六室王亮老师报告:  Divertor heat and particle flux study in the EAST superconducting tokamak

6月19日N. Fisch: Methods of RF current drive

题 目: METHODS OF RF CURRENT DRIVE   报告人: Prof. timberland homme Nathaniel Fisch, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, U.S.A   时 间:2013年6月19日(星期三)9:00—11:00   地 点:4号楼6楼中间会议室   Abstract:   Radio frequency waves can penetrate thermonuclear plasmas, depositing momentum and energy with great selectively: in select resonant ions or electrons, in select resonant regions, and with select momentum. doudoune moncler pas cher When these waves are injected asymmetrically with respect to the toroidal direction in tokamaks, they can drive toroidal electric current. Timberland pour hommes The advantage of driving this current by waves is that a tokamak reactor might then be operated in the steady state. doudoune moncler This talk will review at an elementary level the fundamental processes of wave-particle interactions in plasma that underlie the current-drive effect.



  报告人: Prof. Nathaniel Fisch Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, U.S.A

  时 间:2013年6月20日(星期四)9:00—11:00

  地 点:4号楼6楼中间会议室


  Several unsolved challenges in rf heating and current drive are highlighted. These include current drive in magnetic geometries in which the toroidal magnetic field cannot be assumed to be dominant, current start-up with hyper-resistivity, current drive with oscillating parameters, and synergistic effects between current drive and alpha channeling. These challenges are not necessarily straightforward to address, and it is possible that the challenges cannot even be met, but were they met, at least in some cases, there is the potential of significant consequence.

澳大利亚国立大学 Matthew J. Hole博士报告

报告题目:Resolving the physics of anisotropy, flow and chaotic fields

报告人 :澳大利亚国立大学 Matthew J. Hole博士  (下载)


陈骝教授2012年11月10日在等离子体所的报告 下载


126五室第十九期学术报告   ugg soldes 0, chaussures puma 130);”>(下载)

题 目:Micro-Instabilities of Tokamak Edge Pedestal

主讲人:Weigang Wan(University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. )

时 间:12月6日(周二) 上午9:00

地 点:等离子体所四楼中间会议室

摘 要:

We study micro turbulence of the tokamak edge pedestal with global and flux tube gyrokinetic particle simulations using the electromagnetic particle code GEM. In global simulations, three different sets of DIII-D H-mode experimental profiles are used and the simulation results exhibit quite similar characteristics. The dominant instabilities appear to be two kinds of modes with comparable linear growth rates: a low n, high frequency mode that propagates in the electron diamagnetic direction and a high n, basket timberland low frequency mode that propagates in the ion direction. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France The global results of the high n mode agree with our flux tube simulations, bottes ugg soldes which are well benchmarked against other codes in the same study, bottes ugg including GYRO, soldes puma GTC and HD7. These results are important for the EPED model which is developed to predict the maximum height and width of the edge pedestal.


628五室第二十七期研讨会  ugg australia pas cher 130);”>(下载)


 题  目:Anomalous Transport in Torus Plasmas(Fluctuation Loss, ugg soldes 2018 Bohm Diffusion, puma pas cher Gyro-Bohm Diffusion, Timberland Pas Cher

          Zonal Flowand GAM)   Comparison between theory and ExperimentPart 2-1

报告人:Heiji Sanuki (佐贯平二) 

时  间:2012年6月28日(周四)  上午9:00–10:00

地  点:4号楼6楼中间会议室 

摘  要:

The present seminar is composed of the following topics:

  1. Overview of Fluctuation Loss, ugg australia pas cher femme Bohm, Timberland Pas Cher Gyro-Bohm Diffusion, zonal flow and GAM
  2. Diffusion caused by Ion Temperature Gradient(ITG) modes

Two cases, Timberland Homme Pas Cher (1) mode overlapping and (2) no overlapping (localized)

  1. Simulation Models for Turbulent Plasmas
    1. Gyro-Kinetic Particle Simulation Model for trapped electron drift modes
    2. Gyro-Kinetic Particle Simulation Model for ITG modes
    3. Full Orbit particle Model
  2. Experimental Observations of Heat Diffusivity
  3. Brief view of Gyro-Kinetic and Gyro-Fluid Simulation of ITG and ETG modes
  4. Parameter Dependence of Critical Temperature Gradient associated with Heat Conductivity
  5. Topics on Zonal Flow and Geodesic Acoustic Mode(GAM)


These topics will be briefly reviewed in two seminars.

五室第22期研讨会 Prof.Jan Weiland

五室第二十二期研讨会       (download)

 题 目:The reactive advanced fluid transport model (Weiland model), background, achievements, present state

 主讲人:Professor Jan Weiland (Chalmers University of Technology,Sweden)

时 间:2012年3月16号上午9:00

地 点:等离子体所601会议室

摘 要:

A brief background is given of transport research up to the end of the 1980’s when advanced fluid models started to be developed.  The new achievements of advanced fluid models are presented with reference to the background physics.

The results include transport coefficients that grow with radius, particle and heat pinches  and the description of the flat density (H-mode) regime. moncler paris All these features go back to an ability to treat the situation with comparable frequency and magnetic drift frequency.  The particular properties of the model developed at Chalmers university (Weiland model) are then described in detail. Finally new features like momentum transport and the generation of transport barriers are discussed.



My research is divided into two main periods. From 1972 till 1980 the work was mainly focused on basic theory of nonlinear wave phenomena with main application to plasmas. The main part of this work was included in the book “Coherent Interaction of Waves in Plasmas” by J. puma pas cher Weiland and H. Wilhelmsson, Pergamon, Press 1977. The later part 1980 – 2010,  has been devoted to stability and transport (mainly transport) in toroidal fusion devices. moncler Doudounes A large part of that work has been summarized in my second book, “Collective Modes in Inhomogeneous Plasmas”, J. timberland Weiland, IOP 2000. bottes ugg pas cher This book is now a standard tool for people doing tokamak transport research. chaussures puma Most recently I organized a workshop “From Leonardo to ITER” in connection with Hans Wilhelmssons promotion to jubilee Dr at Chalmers 2009.





 题  目:高频引力波与强磁场和高温等离子体间的交叉课题和实验探测方案   (报告下载)




时  间:2012年5月25号(周五)下午14:00


地  点:8—1会议室



李芳昱为重庆大学物理系教授,博士生导师。 Soldes Timberland 2000年至2010年历任三届中国物理学会理事,现任中国引力与相对论天体物理学会理事、重庆市物理学会理事长。

李教授的研究领域包括广义相对论和引力论、引力波与引力辐射理论、高频引力波与电磁场的相互作用,以及与实验观测的相关交叉课题。 bottes ugg soldes 他所提出的高斯型微波光子流对宇宙高频遗迹引力波谐振响应的研究,被国际高频引力波同行称之为“Li-effect”(李效应)。 magasin uggs pas cher 按这一效应设计的高频引力波探测方案,在第二届国际高频引力波会议上(2007年,美国,德克萨斯),被审定为美国高频引力波科学团队的唯一首选方案。 puma en ligne

    从上世纪九十年代起,李教授曾分别应邀赴前苏联莫斯科大学物理系、前苏联斯坦伯格天文研究所引力物理研究室、美国利文斯顿激光干涉引力波天文台、美国路易斯安娜卅立大学引力物理研究所、美国奥斯汀高等学术研究所和香港科技大学等作过学术访问和合作研究。 puma sneakers pas cher

李教授在Physical reviews D,The European Physical Journal C, Classical and Quantum Gravity , General Relativity and Gravitation 等国际著名学术刊物发表有关引力波的科学论文80余篇.其中关于高频引力波的论著已作为美国高频引力波科学团队设计微波频带高频引力波探测方案(Li-Baker Detector)的支撑性文献。他是多项国家自然科学基金和中国工程物理研究院科学基金的项目负责人,并参与了国家973重大基础研究项目和国家自然科学基金重点项目的研究工作。