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The reports of 2nd Seminar of Center for Magnetic Fusion Theory,CAS


1) Phase Space Dynamics of Runaway Electrons and Neoclassical Drift of Transit Particles (Hong Qin, Xiaoyin Guan , and Nathaniel Fisch) download

2) Nonlinear Simulations of Peeling-Ballooning Modes with Anomalous Electron Viscosity and Their Role in ELM Crashes. (Xueqiao Xu Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA ) download

3) Progress in Petascale Simulation of Fusion Plasmas (Zhihong Lin, University of California, USA) download

4)Response of a Tokamak to External Magnetic Perturbation ( Ming Chu , General Atomics USA.) download

5) Coupled Core-Edge Simulations of Pedestal Formation Using the FACETS Framework

(J.R. Cary1, A. Hakim1, T.D. bottes timberland pas cher Rognlien2, R.J. Groebner3, J. Candy3, J. Carlsson1, R.H. Cohen2, K. Indireshkumar4, S.E. moncler Kruger1, D. soldes puma Mc Cune4 , A.Y. Pankin5, A. Pletzer1, S. Vadlamani1, A.Y. prix doudoune moncler Pigarov5, T. Epperly2 , L. McInnes7 , M. Miah1, S. Shasharina1, H. Zhang5 ) download

6) Experimental Integrated Modeling (Lao Lang, General Atomics USA ) download

7) US plans for the Fusion Simulation Project in particular Scientific and Computational Challenges

(Arnold Kritz Lehigh University, USA ) download

8) What Determines the Minimum Size of DEMO? (Hartmut Zohm,Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik,Germany ) download

9) Computer Science Approaches for Integrated Fusion Simulations (MS. Svetlana Cary Tech-X Corporation, USA) download

10) Observations of Multi-Resonance Effect in ELM Control with Magnetic Perturbation Fields on the JET Tokamak (Yunfeng Liang, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institut für Energieforschung 4 – Plasmaphysik, 52425 Jülich, Germany )

11) Energetic Particle Physics in Tokamaks: Current Status and Future Direction ( Guoyong Fu Princeton plasma physics lab., Princeton University, USA) download

12) Turbulence Driven Intrinsic Rotation in Tokamaks – What We Have Learn from Global Gyrokinetic Simulations (Weixing Wang,T. S. Hahm S. Ethier G. Rewoldt W. ugg australia pas cher M. Tang Princeton plasma physics lab., Princeton University, USA ) download

13) Nonlinear MHD Simulations of ELMs (Alain Becoulete CEA, France ) download

14) Nonlinear Simulations of Peeling-Ballooning Modes with Anomalous Electron Viscosity and Their Role in ELM Crashes. moncler soldes (Xueqiao Xu Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) download

15) Some Outstanding Issues in Steady State Tokamaks( Nathaniel Fisch, Princeton plasma physics lab., Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08543, USA ) download

16) Present Status and Near Future Research Focus on EAST (Baonian Wan ASIPP, China ) download

17) Zonal flow modes in a tokamak plasma with a dominantly poloidal flow (DengZhou .

2012年理论中心”Magnetic Fusion Theory and Simulation Workshop”报告

Section I: Simulation and Modeling

Hybrid simulation of energetic particle effects on tearing modes in tokamak plasmas

Huishan Cai (蔡辉山), USTC             download

Experimental validation of turbulent transport with global gyrokinetic particle simulation

Yong Xiao(肖涌), ZJU                   download

Preliminary results of scenario design and energy transport analysis in EAST RF heated plasma

Siye Ding (丁斯烨)ASIPP        download

Section II: Advanced algorithms and computational methods

(Theory) On the Landau damping and the singularity of Vlasov-Poisson system

Jian Zheng (郑坚), USTC             download

First principle 6D PIC simulation of RF physics.

Jian Liu and Zhi Yu (刘健、于治), USTC and ASIPP download

MHD simulation using discontinuous finite-element algorithm.

Weiying Zheng (郑伟英), ICMSEC download

Symplectic integrators for non-canonical guiding-center dynamics.

Yifa Tang (唐贻发), ICMSEC download

Application of discretized exterior derivative algorithm in RF physics

Wentao Wu (武文韬), HUST download

The development of HPC at CMFT

Zhi Yu, Lei Ye, and Jianyan Xiao (于治, 叶磊,肖建元), ASIPP and USTC download



Section IV: Theory (Continued)

(Simulation and Modeling ) MHD Simulations on ELMs with BOUT++

Tianyang Xia (夏天阳), ASIPP download

Recent development in magnetized target fusion concept

Yian Lei (雷奕安), PKU download

High order gyrokinetic theory without using local gyrophase coordinate.

Zhi Yu (于治), ASIPP download

Electron shielding current in neutral beam current drive

Youjun Hu (胡友俊), ASIPP download

Effect of electron flow and finite temperature on the O-X-B mode conversion of ECRF

Guozhang Jia (贾国章), ASIPP download

Neoclassical polarization drift and neoclassical plasma flows in tokamaks

Chengkang Pan (潘成康)ASIPP download

Ubiquitous mechanism of seed toroidal rotation driven by turbulence

Yangzhong Zhang (章扬忠), CMFT download

Woltjer-Taylor state without Taylor’s conjecture — Relaxation of MHD at all scale-lengths

Hong Qin (秦宏)USTC download


Section V: Review

Progress in theory and modeling of DIII-D experiments

Lang Lao (GA) download

Theory and simulation research activities at SWIP

Aike Wang (SWIP) download