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1.Energy Transport Analyses of DIII-D High-betap EAST-demonstration Discharge 潘成康.M. Staebler, L.L. Lao, A. Garofalo, 龚先祖,任启龙, 李国强, S丁斯晔, 钱金平, 万宝年, 徐国盛, W. Solomon, O. Meneghini, S.P. Smith,2016 US Transport Task Force Workshop       Denver, US,2016-04

2.Toroidal rotation induced by asymmetric cyclotron resonance absorption in minority ICRF-heated tokamak plasmas徐颖峰,王少杰,张德兵  Nuclear Fusion 0029-5515   56(4)      46013  ,2016-03

3.Nonlinear Simulations of Coalescence Instability Using a Flux Difference Splitting Method 马骏,秦宏,于治Plasma Science and Technology 1009-0630       18(7)         714-719   2016-06

4.Sheath structure in plasma with two species of positive ions and secondary electrons 赵晓云、项农,欧靖,李德徽,林滨滨, Chin.Phys.B 1674-1056        25(2)         25202       2016-02

5.Wavenumber shift due to nonlinear plasma and wave interaction 甘春芸,项农,于治,杨友磊,欧靖, PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 1070-664X        23(6)         64501       2016-06

6.On variational formulation of current drive problem in uniformly magnetized relativistic plasma 胡业民 ,胡友俊 胡业民     Nucl. Fusion     0029-5515        56     16011       2016-01

7.Axisymmetric electrostatic magnetohydrodynamic oscillations in tokamaks with general cross-sections and toroidal flow         MS Chu ,郭文峰  physics plasma       1070-664x        6       62508       2016-06

8.Particle simulations of mode conversion between slow mode and fast mode in lower hybrid range of frequencies贾国章,项农,汪学毅,黄跃恒,林郁Physics of Plasmas      1070-664X        23(1)  012504-1-012504-8 2016-06

9.Simulation of fast-ion-driven Alfvén eigenmodes on the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak胡友俊. Todo, 裴有斌, 李国强, 钱金平, 项农, 周登, 任启龙, 黄娟, 徐立清      Physics of Plasmas   1070-664X        23 (2)        022505-1-022505-8 2016-02

10.Plasma sheath in the presences of  non-Maxwellian energetic electrons and secondary emission electron     欧靖,林滨滨,赵晓云,杨友磊Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion    0741-3335        58     75004       2016-05

11.Plasma-wall interaction in an electrostatic sheath of plasma containing a monoenergetic electron beam        欧靖,赵晓云,甘春芸     Physics of Plasmas  1070-664X        23     43510       2016-04

12.The characteristic of magnetized plasma sheath with nanometer-sized dust grains in fusion devices  赵晓云,欧靖,项农,李德徽,林滨滨, 项农    Physics of Plasmas  1070-664X    23(12)    123702     2016年12月

13.Interactions of electrons with two lower hybrid waves黄跃恒, 项农, 贾国章,李德徽,汪学毅,Linyu, Physics of Plasmas,1070-664X, 1089-7674,     23(9),92114, 2016年5月

14The ion polytropic coefficient in a collisionless sheath containing hot ions    林滨滨,项农,欧靖, Physics of Plasmas         1070-664X        23(8)         83508       2016年8月

15.The magnetic component of geodesic acoustic modes in tokamak plasmas with a radial equilibrium electric field    ,周登,Physics of Plasmas      1070-664X, 23 (10)  102503-1 2016年10月

16.Nonlinear tearing modes stabilization by oscillating the resonant surface 杨小庆,王少杰 Physics of Plasmas 1070-664X         Vol.23, Issue 9 092510  2016年9月

17.Spectral Broadening of Ion Bernstein Wave Due to Parametric Decay Instabilities             甘春芸,项农,于治Chinese Physics Letters        0256-307X        33(08),085203   2016年8月

18.Radial transport dynamics studies of SMBI with a newly developed code TPSMBI 王亚辉,郭文峰, 王占辉,任启龙, 孙爱萍, 许敏, 王爱科,项农   中国物理B  1674-1056   25(10) 106601-106608        2016年7月

19.Fixed boundary toroidal plasma equilibria with toroidal flows       胡砚强,胡业民,项农          Physics of Plasmas 1070-664X         23(4)  42506       2016年4月

20.Nonlinear wavenumber shift of large amplitude Langmuir waves李德徽,王少杰            PHYSICS OF PLASMAS      1070-664X         23     72120       2016年7月

21.a gyrokinetic code based on the numerical lie transform method叶磊, Y Xu, X Xiao, Z Dai, S Wang , Journal of Computational Physics 0021-9991 Volume 316, 1 July 2016,        180–192         2016年4月

22 Electron collisionless damping of the geodesic acoustic mode in rotating tokamak plasmas       谢宝艺, 郭文峰, 龚学余, 余俊, You Chen 曹靖佳, Nucl. Fusion     0029-5515        56(2016)     124001     2016年12月

23.damping of geodesic acoustic mode in rotating tokamka plasmas        郭文峰,谢宝艺,龚学余, 余俊        第13届亚太物理会议和第22届澳大利亚物理联合会议   澳大利亚布里斯班



1. Jing Ou, Guojiang Wu and Xinxia Li, Effect of the plasma shapes on intrinsic rotation due to collisionless ion orbit loss in the tokamak edge plasmas, Phys. Plasmas 21 072505(2014)

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3. B. Gui, X. Q. Xu, J. R. Myra and D. A. D’IppolitoMitigating impact of thermal and rectified radio-frequency sheath potentials on edge localized modesPhys. Plasmas 21, 112302 (2014).

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11. Pan Chengkang, The Combining Effect of the Inductive Electric Field and the Lower Hybrid Waves on the Impurity Ions Toroidal Rotation in the Lower Hybrid Current Drive Tokamak Plasmas, 25th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 14th, 2014, Saint Petersburg, Russia

12.Lei Ye, Wenfeng Guo, Xiaotao Xiao, Zongliang Dai, and Shaojie Wang, Simulation of the alpha particle heating and the helium ash source in an InternationalThermonuclear Experimental Reactor-like tokamak with an internal transport barrier,Physics of Plasmas 21, 122508 (2014)

13. Xia Tianyang, Fluid Simulation of Particle and Heat Fluxes during Burst of ELMs on EAST and DIIID, 25th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Oct 14th, 2014, Saint Petersburg, Russia

14. Youjun Hu (胡友俊), Guoqiang Li, N. N. Gorelenkov, Huishan Cai, et al., Numerical study of Alfven eigenmodes in the EAST tokamak, Phys. Plasmas 21, 052510 (2014)

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16.Guozhang Jia, Nong Xiang, Yuheng Huang, Yu Lin and Xueyi Wang, “Simulation of mode conversion of lower hybrid waves”, 56th Annual Meeting of the APS DPP, Oct.27-31,2014, New Orleans, USA




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第一作者 论文题目 发表期刊
于伟红 A novel local equilibrium model for shaped tokamak plasmas Phys. Plasmas 19, 072520 (2012)
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欧靖 偏滤器运行模式对托卡马克边缘区等离子体平行流的影响 物理学报,Vol.61,No,7,2012:P.075201
第一作者 会议收录文章 会议名称
胡业民 A relativistic model of electron cyclotron current drive efficiency in tokamak plasmas the 17th Joint Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Emission and Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating, Belgium, March 2012
项农 PIC simulations of the ion flow induced by radio frequency waves in the ion cyclotron frequency range 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, , San Diego, USA, October 8-13, 2012
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